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What is your End Game?

Clarity is Power!

Many people get lost in the how's and whys on their goals, but do not set the basics up for success. Do you know EXACTLY know where you are headed to in your personal and professional life? Do you know EXACTLY the type of person you want to be? Do you know EXACTLY what you your life to look like tomorrow, in a week or in a year from now?

Without first focusing on our end game, we will be stumbling down different paths to reach the final destination of our goals and desires, most likely not achieving what we set out for.

So let me repeat. In clarity we have power. If we know where our destination is, we can always find a way to get there.

Would you drive to a new destination without knowing where you were going? Many people fumble through life without planning EXACLY where they want to be? EXACTLY what they want to achieve. Set yourself up for success with a CLEAR VISION of that Evolved You.

The Evolved You is about providing effective tools and support to help you get to the ultimate version of yourself. Reverse engineering your life with a SPECIFIC end goal in mind is a key step to making your dreams a reality. This exercise has shaped me into who I am, and helped me reach my goals.

These steps will help you define what it is you want for your life. With this connected end goal in mind. From there you can find the road map on how to get there.

Take the time The Evolved You deserves and give yourself the GPS coordinates to get to your end goal. Remember we are here to support you through this process should you need.

Step One- Brainstorm a list of desires and goals. Think of yourself in 1 year from today. What do you want to achieve? How do you want to feel? Who do you want to be? Don't think. Connect to the reptilian part of your brain and just write. i.e.-

  • Lose weight

  • Launch a new business

  • Become more confident

  • Be a better parent

  • Be more present

  • Have my dream home

Step Two- Pick the one that is MOST important to you RIGHT NOW!

Step Three- Define exactly what that would look like. Make it a SPECIFIC, tangible, and measurable target. What does it look like? With the examples above this step would look like this. Be as specific as possible.

  • Lose weight- eg- lose 5kg of weight. Be more flexible and do the splits. Run a marathon.

  • Launch my business- In what industry? Doing what? Helping who? How many clients would you have? How much income would that produce?

  • Be a better parent- What is that to you? What specific action to you need to make to be a better parent in your eyes? eg- Spend 30 minutes a day without distraction playing and enjoying the company of my amazing child.

  • Be more confident- eg- Back myself. Have no self doubt. Be able to speak to 20 people on stage.

  • Have my dream home- Located in (insert location). This would cost.....(insert $ amount)

Step Four- Set a deadline. When will you achieve it by? Without a timeline set you won't hold yourself to account, and your brain won't connect effectively to achieving your goal. Make it realistic. eg- If you want to lose 20kgs it will take you longer than 1 month.

Step Five- Get connected. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why must I achieve it?

  • What it would mean to me, my family or my inner circle?

  • How would it transform my quality of life?

  • How good would I feel?

  • What would I feel?

  • How would it change quality of my life?

  • How would it touch the people in my life?

  • What would you be most proud of?

Step Six- Visualize it being achieved. The free morning priming meditation we do every day is the perfect time to connect all of the positive emotions of achievement. Sit and feel the power, pride, strength, confidence- whatever it is that the completion of the goal will give you. Fake it until you feel it. Connect into your nervous system how it will feel. This will help make this goal feel achievable. It will give you to energy, confidence and momentum to take the action steps needed to make it reality.

With a clear vision of EXACLTY what you want to achieve, and how it will feel once accomplished, you now have the EXACT GPS coordinates to your goal. From here you can take stock of where you are, to then find steps, strategies and tools to close the gap- making your dream and goal a reality.

If you found defining the EXACT destination of your desires and defining your goals difficult, The Evolved You can help you point an eagle eye view to your dreams, combined with strategies to help you close the gap and make your dreams a reality.

My goal is to help you achieve your dreams effectively and efficiently. Book in for a free 30 minute coaching call and be guided in more depth through the above process. Don't spend any more time fumbling around for your dreams. Book in your free 30 minute call and start the steps to make them a reality NOW!

In service and appreciation of your amazing spirit,


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